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The followings words will mean the relevant idea given. Unless the context otherwise demands, any word, term or phrase used in these Terms of Use shall be construed according to its usual meaning.

  1. The Company, We, Us, mean “WRIXOO E-Services PVT.LTD”
  2. “Website” is the https://wrixoo.com.
  3. The term “User” or ‘Users” will refer to whoever utilizes our website or any service offered by us as well as “Client”, “you”, or “your” means the customer.
  4. The term “Our resources.” demonstrate any lawfully owned and copyrights reserved physical and virtual materials by WRIXOO E-Services Private Limited according to Companies Act No 7 2007.
  5. “Our services” mean the provision of any services we supply. They are as follows.
  • Website Development
  • Graphic designing
  • Brandings
  • Digital marketing
  • ERP system (enterprise system) development
  • Mobile application development


This terms and conditions agreement contains all necessary aspects that govern your subscription to our services. Use of all E-Services provided by the Company shall be conditional on agreeing to observe the following Terms of Use. The terms and conditions can be modified for commercial, legal, and improvement purposes. Please, kindly refer to the terms and conditions by the Company before obtaining our services. If you are not accepted with any of the following conditions and still want to receive our benefits, please get in touch with one of our customer care agents. Upon signing the Quotation, the Client acknowledges that they have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions.



  1. The requirements can be defined by meeting or calling us. Here, the communication should be clarified and understandable. Regardless, if you are not transparent through distance meetings, we recommend a face to face meeting for better clarification.
  2. Clients must provide us with clear guidelines and the flow or specific details required. If the Client demands further assistance with creating Project Specifications, the Company is willing to assist the Client.
  3. Before starting the project, the Client should sign the documented agreement sent by us and send it back to us once the Company gives the quote after understanding your requirements.
  4. This document/proposal/estimates/quotes mentioned in term 3 of this paragraph will include all the areas of the service we are going to supply as the understood requirements with relevant estimations. Please, ensure we have included all. Inform the Company before signing the agreement if you have seen misunderstands or differences.
  5. When such information is not provided, we will proceed with our interpretation. Suppose any additional services you expect that are not in the signed document must have separate contracts.
  6. The Company will assemble every effort to finish the project in the given timeframe unless there are no acceptable changes or functionalities to be made. The Client’s co-operation is paramount to complete the project in the given time. If there is such an inconvenience happens, an additional time will be requested.
  7. Any delays like late Content, matter, resources, business documents (registrations, articles, customized policies etc.), payment gateways from the Client’s side will not be our responsibility even they make the project to be finished away from the time frame.
  8. The Client must supply written Content in the formatted text (as the Client specifies it to appear) unless otherwise agreed to by WRIXOO E-Services to design the layout.
  9. WRIXOO E-Services PVT.LTD commits to work expeditiously and complete your task with the given specifications.
  10. The Company cannot be held liable for delays outside of our control, including but not specified gear failure, Third Party Hosting Services, and internet connections.
  11. After we release your project, it will be displayed on our web portfolio and social media page under our name and mention design and development by us.
  12. If you disagree with the above condition(11), you have to inform the Company.
  13. WRIXOO E-Services PVT.LTD has the project development and design right.


  1. All the estimates/quotations/proposals given by the Company are based on the examined project specifications, your requirements, facilities, resources to be used, and per the given time frame. So, before you confirm the project, you have to ensure that you are flexible for the estimation.
  2. WRIXOO E-Servies (Pvt) Ltd will start the project after paying 50% of the total cost deposited to our stipulated bank and account details as provided.
  3. Deposits are non-refundable.
  4. Additional services you receive that are not in the quote/estimate/proposal signed at the startup will accommodate additional costs.
  5. Any complexity related to specific tasks should be advised in advance and included in the proposal for cost purposes. We act in good faith when quoting and rely on our customers to reveal the whole picture. WRIXOO E-Services will not bear any discrepancy arising due to unclear requirements.
  6. After completing the project, all the re-works, additional works, and modifications may draw additional charges, including design changes.
  7. Delays from the Client’s end and project hold may cause additional charges, and the Company is not responsible for them in any case.
  8. All work remains the property of WRIXOO E-Services until the full and final payment is received. The final payment should be made within five working days after finishing the project and sending the outstanding invoice.


  1. The Client has to ensure their copyrights to all material they provide from outside us.
  2. If and when WRIXOO E-Services are informed that material was provided without the required Copyright, illegal Content will be removed immediately. The Client will be billed with the fee thereof.
  3. Our Company does not take any responsibility for any content supplied from the Client without proper Copyright whatsoever.




D1. Web Development

All the above conditions in Section C are applicable for Website Maintenance Services.

  1. Unless otherwise specified in the Quotation, the Client shall supply all content wording to be published by the specified website.
  2. If the Client provides the related Content, they have to be provided within one week from the project startup. Your delay may not be our responsibility when a late project is delivered.
  3. Websites we create for you are tested on the standard browsers on our PC’s. (eg:-Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.) If you need to be tested on different platforms, you must let the Company know about it.
  4. Any bugs(errors) during the project development will not cost additional charges.
  5. Hosting and Domain charges will be included in the Quotation. The hosting and domains are on shared and non-shared servers provided by third parties. WRIXOO E-Services PVT.LTD ensures our best that they are highly protected from malware, viruses, hackers, phishing attacks, and other online or offline problems. However, we are not liable for such an ordinary emergence, but we assist our best to our clients to be safe and protect the data every time.
  6. Any third party services like payment gateways, Google AdSense, Google AdWords, SSL are not guaranteed by the Company.
  7. The Client is responsible for all stored Content, databases, activity of any scripts or email services created under the hosting service on the servers. The customer must maintain the protection and security of the user accounts, passwords, bank and payment details, and user emails registered on the server on behalf of E-Commerce activities, and the systems of external visitors are safe.
  8. The Client should provide necessary facilities to the Company for deleting files in case of a malware attack on the server.
  9. WRIXOO owns all Design and codes’ rights even after the full payment is made according to the current legal acts about Copyrights.

D2. Website Maintenance

All the above conditions in Section C are applicable for Mobile Website Maintenance Services.

  1. We only change website contents during the maintenance period, not the Design. Any change in functionality, including SEO upgrades, version updates, further maintenance, micro-upgrades, will include additional costs.
  2. The Client must pay the annual hosting charge for the whole year, except the Client is in one of our maintenance packages. The Company is not responsible for the loss of files, data, emails, backups etc., due to failure to renew in time for hosting.

D3. Graphic Design Services

All the above conditions in Section C are applicable for Graphic Design Services.

  1. We provide all the graphic design services for our Clients who need web design services or only graphic Design.
  2. The Company ensures the safety of any ideas, concepts, Copyrights and trademarks, and pencil arts customers supply for the project.
  3. The Client may ask in writing from WRIXOO E-Services the necessary permission to use materials (for which WRIXOO has the Copyright) in conditions different from for which it was initially supplied WRIXOO may, at its discretion, contribute this and may charge for the additional use. Such approval must be acquired in writing before any of the aforesaid artwork, images, text, or other data is used.
  4. We will provide proofs and PDF files as suitable for printing or other graphic files as detailed in the job scope or recommendation.

D4. Digital Marketing

All the above conditions in Section C are applicable for Digital Marketing Services.

    1. This will include social media campaign Packages designed with our customers’ digital marketing/strategy needs in mind, and we carry them with the accompany of third parties. Here, all packages are for a minimum of…………………. time period. They are billed monthly, and the Client must pay on the 1st of every month.
    2. Digital marketing strategy needs development and changes from month to month as the client need. They are billed separately with the monthly bill when such an instance arises.

D5. Mobile Application Development

All the above conditions in Section C are applicable for Mobile Application Development Services.

After developing a mobile application, we can publish them in our verified Google play accounts and ios Accounts. Additional charges may apply if you need to publish it separately in your accounts.

D6. ERP System (enterprise system) Development

All the above conditions in Section C are applicable for ERP System Development Services.

  1. WRIXOO PVT. LTD’s ERP systems consist of Admin panel, web-based POS, web, Apps, software and application for the relevant purpose. The ownership of the software will remain to us. The system must not be copied, saved for backups, reproduced or altered without WRIXOO’s permission.
  2. The use of the system is limited to the computer tools authorized by WRIXOO E-Services PVT LTD. Any change in them on which the system (s) is to work must be reported to WRIXOO E-Services.


D7. Brandings

All the above conditions in Section C are applicable for Brandings Services.

  1. The Client has to Participate fully in the development of the project by providing timely reactions, timely approval and other information as required.
  2. The Company will make the creative vision and direction to meet the requirements while the Client should be responsible for payment obligations in the method and timeframe selected.
  3. The right to use trademarks, names and other relevant fields should be granted.
  4. In branding campaigns, results can be varied according to the business or service you provide. We take no guarantees for the inconveniences that can be happened.

The Company is obligated not to infringe your Company’s Copyright, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property, confidential information, and rights.